Work as verzorgende IG in elderly care in the Netherlands

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Looking for a nice job in elderly care in the Netherlands? Is it your passion to care for the elderly and rehabilitating patients in need of care? We are looking for several licensed practical nurses (verzorgenden IG) for various nursing homes in the Netherlands for 24 to 36 hours a week. We are looking for employees for our customers such as De Wever in Tilburg, ZorgSpectrum in Nieuwegein and Houten, and WelThuis in Gouda, Schoonhoven, Bergambacht, Stolwijk.

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Do you want to know more about working in the Netherlands as a healthcare professional, or do you have questions about becoming fluent in Dutch? You can send us an email. We will respond as soon as possible.

Jobs in Tilburg, Nieuwegein, Schoonhoven, Bergambacht, Stolwijk and Gouda

For De Wever in Tilburg, there are open positions at the nursing homes Damast (3 positions), De Hazelaar (3 positions), Notre Dame (2 positions), Joannes Zwijsen (3 positions) all for 24 to 36 hours a week according to the schedule.

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For WelThuis there are open positions at the nursing homes Borchleen in Schoonhoven (2 positions), De Bovenberghe in Schoonhoven (3 positions), De Westerweeren in Bergambacht (2 positions), Wilgenhoven in Stolwijk (2 positions), Olympiadehuis in Gouda (2 positions) all for 24 to 36 hours a week according to the schedule.

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For ZorgSpectrum in Nieuwegein and Houten, there are open positions in the nursing homes De Geinsche Hof (3 positions), De Dichter (2 positions), Houtens Erf (2 positions) and Vreeswijk (2 positions) for 24 to 36 hours per week according to the schedule.

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How's the work?

Nursing homes provide residential care for the elderly or the disabled. Nursing homes are used by people who do not need to be in a hospital but cannot be cared for at home. As a licensed practical nurse (verzorgende IG) you work in low to medium complex care situations that are predictable and not life-threatening. You are expected to work in a team as well as independently. The work may consist of technical nursing work and to a large extent basic care activities, also known as activities of daily living, assist in bathing and dressing residents, assisting residents with meals, either serving or feeding, transferring from and to the bed or wheelchair, making and cleaning the beds, assisting with visits to the toilet. Additionally you will be responsible for the total care for one or more residents, e.g. updating the family of the resident, communicating with the doctor, physiotherapist, dietitian and writing care plans. Of course all of this goes in the Dutch language.

Job requirements

We are looking for motivated and qualified licensed practical nurses (verzorgenden IG). We are looking for applicants who meet the following job requirements:

Terms of employment


To apply for this job please send your updated CV including a motivation letter in Dutch or English and proof of meeting the professional / diploma requirements to we will carefully review your application and if we think you are a good match we will invite you for an interview and some assessments

Application process

  1. Apply by sending us your CV;
  2. You’ll be invited for an interview in Tilburg or via a videocall;
  3. Selected applicants will be invited for an informative presentation about the programme and to make assessments focussed on assessing your professional competencies;
  4. When you successfully complete the interviews and assessments we may conduct pre-employment screening;
  5. We offer you a sponsorship agreement for the language training.

Language training programme

If you are not fluent in Dutch, we can provide you a language training. The language training’s goal is to get your command of the Dutch language to fluency. The classes are daily from 09.00 to 16.00. At the beginner levels (A1 and A2) you will learn general Dutch. From level B1 onward the course is focussed on the language as it is used in the nursing practice. Most of the classes are conducted virtually through video conferencing software. Every 4 weeks there are classes for 3 to 5 consecutive days in Tilburg. If you are still living abroad, we have options to do all the classes online. The language training course will take about 8 months in total. The start date will be determined together with you and other participants and is as soon as possible. We sponsor all of the training on the condition that you work the job listed above after you have completed the training and the total contract is 3 years. If you want more information about this, please do contact us!

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