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Our transparent approach

Sustainable deployment of healthcare professionals

Sustainable recruitment

Avant recruits and selects the best carers and nurses in the Netherlands and the EEA (European Economic Area). We also recruit outside the EEA for vacancies that are difficult to fill. We mainly recruit in countries with a surplus in the profession.

Qualified professionals

In order to integrate well at the Dutch healthcare institution, nurses with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing are recruited. In addition, all candidates go through a rigorous selection procedure in which they take various professional and personality assessments.

Language & Culture

The nurses follow a course in Dutch language, culture and assertiveness that is geared to working in Dutch health care. During a 9-month course, they receive daily class lessons from certified Dutch teachers. A great deal of attention is also paid to assertiveness during training.

Recruitment in the Philippines

Vacancies that are open for more than three months despite recruitment efforts are ‘difficult to fill’. If there are no suitable candidates available in the EEA who meet the job profile, we recruit talent from, among others, the Philippines. The Philippines is an ideal country for the recruitment of nursing staff. Filipino nurses are helpful and also very concerned about caring for the elderly and the sick. Respect for the elderly and the sick is deeply rooted in Filipino culture. European employers praise the work ethic of Filipino staff. The Philippine government plays an important role in facilitating labor migration through education and immigration policy. Around 90% of the population is Christian, the literacy rate is 95% and English is an official language. The education system has English-language courses and diplomas.

Filipino nurses have been successfully deployed in various other European countries for some time. For example, thousands of Filipino nurses have been working in Germany for a few years.

9 months of intensive training

Before the nurses go to work, they are offered a 9-month Dutch language course by our certified Dutch teachers. We offer the training in Manila in the Philippines and in Tilburg in the Netherlands. The training is aimed at teaching Dutch nurses to level B2. The course focuses on Dutch language, culture, assertiveness and professional jargon. The nurses are also trained in the handling of forms and protocols that are used at the care institution where they work. During the training, the nurses receive class lessons on a daily basis and interim tests are taken on a weekly basis. When they reach the desired language level, a professional course follows to prepare the nurses for the CIBG and BIG register exams.

The nurses receive 9 months of classroom lessons from Dutch teachers in our training centers in Manila and Tilburg.

Dutch language course

Do you want to work in the Dutch healthcare sector and are you allowed to live and work in the Netherlands, but do you not speak the Dutch language? View our language training courses for healthcare professionals.  

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Foreign diploma

Are you allowed to live and work in the Netherlands, but do you have a diploma that is not obtained in an EU member state or Switzerland? View our offer for recognition of professional competence for healthcare professionals.

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Are you a Registered Nurse or nurse assistant and do you want to work in the Netherlands?

We offer Dutch courses to foreign-language Registered Nurses and nurse assistants in our training centers in Manila and Tilburg. Read more and contact us!

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