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Vision on quality of care

Resolving the shortage of nurses and caregivers is one of the most important societal challenges of the moment. The figures for the shortage of people working in healthcare in the Netherlands vary from 80.000 to 125.000 in 2020. It is clear that we are facing a huge challenge and given the demographic developments this is a structural problem.

Attracting foreign healthcare professionals from the EEA and beyond is only part of the solution. We believe it is crucial that when this happens, the quality of foreign health care providers is of an equivalent level to that of health care providers who have received training in the Netherlands.

Every Registered Nurse or nurse assistant who works via Avant Talent Group for one of our partners meets at least the professional qualifications that apply in the Netherlands at the start of the work. These professional qualifications have been established by the Minister of Education, Culture and Science in the qualification files Crebo (Centraal Register Beroepsopleidingen). In addition, every healthcare professional meets the requirements for professional competence set by the CIBG and / or arise from the BIG Act. In the case of employment of care providers for whom a work permit applies, we strictly follow the Aliens Employment Act (Wav), we also demand this from our partners.

Healthcare professionals who meet the professional qualifications

Language skills

The healthcare professionals have a demonstrable command of the Dutch and English language at least on an equivalent level as graduates of Dutch vocational training according to the Crebo qualification files. This applies to both caregivers and to nurses.

Diploma evaluation

Every healthcare professional has a diploma rating from the Dutch organization for internationalization in education (Nuffic) at the start of the work. This valuation is minimal at the level at which the care provider will work (NLFQ 3, 4 or 5).

Declaration of professional competence

Healthcare professionals with a diploma from outside the EEA or Switzerland participate in testing at the request of the CIBG. For a verzorgende 3-IG, this is an AKV test. For a Registered Nurse this is an AKV test and a BIG test. The Foreign Health Graduates Committee assesses the results.

BIG registration

Healthcare professionals who start working as a nurse register themselves in the BIG register. Healthcare professionals from outside the EEA or Switzerland do this based on their certificate of professional competence. All healthcare professionals provide proof of language proficiency at registration.

Healthcare knowledge

At the start of work, the foreign healthcare professional is familiar with the Dutch healthcare system.

Culture & assertiveness

The foreign healthcare professional is given a course on general Dutch culture and a course on culture in the workplace. The healthcare professional also follows training in assertiveness, self-reliance and acting independently. This makes the healthcare professional well prepared for working in Dutch healthcare.

Working at Avant

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